Symptoms to Gonorrhea

Symptoms to Gonorrhea | Gonorrhea Top Symptoms Experienced by Men and Women

think that you might have Symptoms to Gonorrhea or have recently received this diagnosis stay tuned as we will be talking about the most common symptoms in men and women with Gonorrhea experience.

Welcome to all Nursing Hub today i m going to tell you The most common symptoms of Gonorrhea and a few important tips.

Symptoms to Gonorrhea
Symptoms to Gonorrhea

what is Gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is sometimes known as the court and the second most commonly occurring sexy transmitted infection in the UK.

  • Gonorrhea is caused by the bacterium  Neisseria gonorrhoeae
  • and the infection spread throws unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sex.
  • if left untreated Gonorrhea can cause serious problems for these men and women.
  • For Man – amongst men infection spread to the testicles and the prostate gland which may have a long time impact on fertility
  • For Women – the infection can compress to pelvic inflammatory disease during the processing of abdominal pain and increased risk of ectopic pregnancy.
  • this is where fertilized egg implants to a normal place outside of the Womb.
  • this results in a non-viable pregnancy which may require surgical intervention pelvic inflammatory disease can also cause long-term fertility issues meaning that you may experience difficulty getting pregnant in the future in the worst-case scenario.

if Gonorrhea Remins untreated the infection can spread throughout the body this can cause life-threatening sepsis.

what are the symptoms of gonorrhea?

  • so what are the symptoms of gonorrhea fortunately complications can be avoided by infections are identified in treated early
  • symptoms of Gonorrhea normally develop within a few weeks of unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected Partner.

Top symptoms of Gonorrhea experienced by women

  • The top symptoms of Gonorrhea experience by women are when passing urine often described as a burning sensation.
  • unusual vaginal discharge which is typically green or yellow in color.
  • heavier periods with bleeding in between periods or bleeding after sex
  • paint to the lower abdomen or pelvis

Top symptoms of Gonorrhea experienced by men

  • man can also experience symptoms of gonorrhea amongst men the top symptoms are pain on passing time passing urine much like a woman.
  • unusual discharge from the tip of the Penis again the same green or yellow color.
  • testicular pain.
  • or even when swelling the foreskin
  • depending on your choice of intercourse you may experience symptoms elsewhere.
  • discomfort or unusual discharge from your back passage may be experienced where you’ve engaged in anal intercourse.
  • with a bodily fluid that has come into contact with the eyes, you may develop symptoms of conjunctivitis causing irritation and redness to the affected eye.
  • if you engaged in oral intercourse the lining of your throat may be infected.

Many are Asymptomatic

however it is relatively uncommon to experience any symptoms, Most importantly in some patients their gonorrhea infection doesn’t in the usual way at least 50% of women and 10% is man when infected with gonorrhea remain asymptomatic this means that they do not experience any symptoms are still able to pass on the infection.

if you cancerned you may have a sexually transmitted infection you should seek a test by your doctor or your local Urinary medicine clinic.

Should I get tested

should I get tested if you are experiencing any of the symptoms above or believe that you may have been exposed to someone who may have gonorrhea you should get tested testing for Gonorrhea is painless quick and easy

for women – your doctor may decide to take a Swab on your vagina or cervix while performing an internal examination they may take a swab from your urethra.

the entrance where you pass urine from you may be given the option to swab yourself if you are feeling confident and your doctor should not ask you for a urine sample as a result for women are not very accurate.

for men – the testing is different and your doctor will decide either to take a urine sample or swab of the discharge from panis.

if you happen to be experiencing symptoms of gonorrhoea infection in other areas such as your eyes your throat or your back passage your doctor will take a swab of any discharge there.

when will I get my result?

so now you may be thinking I’ve had my test how long do I need to wait until I get my results so great you’ve been tasted in some clinics doctors may be able to perform a rapid test this is where the doctor is trained to examine your sample on the microscope giving you an answer there and then.

however, not all conditions are trained to perform this investigation and in these cases, you should expect to receive your test results in around 14 days.

when to start treatment?

you receive treatment when you have a positive test for Gonorrhea you may also receive treatment where your high risk of having the Gonorrhea for example you have symptoms or signs strongly suggestive of a Gonorrhea infection or your partner has also been diagnosed with Gonorrhea

what medications are used for gonorrhea

so what treatment will I need you’ll be glad to know that Gonorrhea infections are easily treatable if your doctor identify that you or someone that requires treatment they will prescribe you a course of antibiotics.

Currently, in the UK the antibiotic of choice is ceftriaxone 1 gram given as a single injection of course if you have an allergy to ceftriaxone or are needle-phobic a suitable alternative can be prescribed.

your doctor will normally organize a follow-up test in two weeks after completing your antibiotics this is to confirm that your infection has been successfully treated and it is advisable to abstain from any sexual intercourse until your secong test is negative does my partner need to be treated.

it’s important to recognize that once treated you can still be re-infected therefore it is important that your partner is examined and complete any required treatment, if you have multiple sexual contact is important to engage with contact tracing as without treatment other people may become infected.

if undiagnosed they may experience long-term complications which may have a significant impact on their life.

your local gum clinic can assist you with this.

Preventing Gonorrhoea

how can I prevent infection in the future this once in a while reducing your risk of contracting chlamydia in the future with possible you should try to use barrier contraceptives like the condom.

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