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Hello, friends welcome back to the nursing hub today we are talking about what is physiotherapist. some people were primarily to earn money some people work to earn name and fame some other work with a sense of writing some of you may be joining jobs because of your inherent Patriotism and urge to serve the nation and there are some who want to enter such a profession in which they could play a part in lowering the suffering of the people as well as earn their livelihood

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and you all know that profession is medicine and the commonly known profession of the field of Medicine Doctors nurses pharmacist lab technician and other support staff but today in this article I am going to tell you about one such medicinal professional which play equally important role in reducing the suffering of their patients

that medical professional is a physiotherapist.

physiotherapist can be a good choice if you want to rewarding career that allows you to make a difference in people’s lies and half job satisfaction so guys in my endeavour to help you an insight to this profession.

I am going to tell you about various parts of the profession like

  • What physiotherapist is
  • what are the eligibility conditions for becoming a physiotherapist
  • what are the skills required to become a physiotherapist
  • how to become a physiotherapist
  • which entrance exams are there to become a physiotherapist
  • what are the career options and job profiles after becoming a physiotherapist
  • what are the packages or salary of a physiotherapist and much more

so guys lest’s start with the very basic question and that question is who exactly a physiotherapist is essentially.

what is physiotherapist

a physiotherapist also known as a physical therapist is a health professional who processes and reaches people was suffering from physical problems caused by seas injury, illness, or even the natural aging process.

physiotherapists help patients build strength and rehabilitate physiotherapy give advice About lifestyle and exercise and use manual therapy such as massage to aid healing and recovery.

Physiotherapy Street a wide range of ailments so specialisation is possible in areas such as

  • pediatrics
  • orthopedics
  • sports physical therapy
  • neurology
  • clinical electrophysiology
  • cardiopulmonary therapy

now I would like to tell you about the eligibility conditions for becoming a physiotherapist

eligibility criteria for physiotherapy

for becoming a physiotherapist the Aspiring candidates must have taken a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy. the basic qualification to get admission in this course is 12th class with physics chemistry and Biology as the main subject.

some Institute may also demand certain minimum percentage of marks in 12th class which can be 52% to 55% person for general category candidates and 45% to 50% for reserved category candidates certain other courses that can help you enter this profession are diploma in Physiotherapy, BSc physiotherapy and PG diploma in Physiotherapy

extra along with this eligibility conditions you must have certain set of required skills to be a successful physiotherapist like as with any career in the medical profession here and empathy is as important as scientific knowledge so you should have all these traits for sure.

you should have broad knowledge of medical discipline and human anatomy.

you should also possess an excellent communication and interpersonal skills compassion and willingness to commit to ongoing study.

in addition to these, a good physiotherapist should have the ability to deal with patients of all walks of life with a laugh and should have the ability to understand their behavior.

and the 4 most required skill for becoming a successful physiotherapist is capacity to work for long hours with never-say-die attitude.

if you have all these basic trade then I am sure you are pretty fit it for this profession if you are really looking forward to be a physiotherapist then the knowledge of the process to become a physiotherapist is a marked the first step you have to complete your 12th class preferably in the medical stream with physics chemistry and Biology as main subjects at this level once you have done with your 12th class.

you need to take admission in the three to Four Seasons Bachelor of Physiotherapy that is BPT course of some reputed Physiotherapy Institute although courses like

  • diploma in Physiotherapy
  • BSc physiotherapy
  • PG Diploma in Physiotherapy

extra can also help you become a physiotherapist.

what is specialised degree of feeling like that of Bachelor of Physiotherapy can help you jump start your career in the field for getting admission in some of the reported Physiotherapy Institute you may have to clear some sort of entrance the institute state or National level.

exams are generally held in month of May and June and consists of objective type questions on the subject of English physics chemistry biology through a number of questions and pattern may vary from test to test after completing this three and a half years of BPT degree course and 6 months of compulsory training.

after this you can go for some job in private or state-run hospitals or go for private practice after obtaining the necessary affiliation with respective medical councils are go for higher specialised courses like master of Physiotherapy in the respect the feats.

now let me tell you about some of the entrance exams that can help you get admission.

the entrance exam for physiotherapy

in some of the best Physiotherapy Institute of India for getting admission in Physiotherapy courses, you can appear in entrance exams like NEET-UG taken at the National level and accepted by many Physiotherapy colleges across India IPU CET taken by Indraprastha University, etc.

now you will get to know about some of the colleges in India which offer Physiotherapy courses if you want to go to government institutes in their institutes like government Physiotherapy College Gujarat, Government Medical College Maharashtra Punjabi University Patiala Kerala University of Health Sciences at Amritsar, Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research Kolkata

and if there is a need to go for private institutes at that point there are institutes like Christian Medical College Ludhiana and institute of paramedical Sciences Kerala.

now I would like to answer the most early ask a question that is what are the career prospects and job opportunities after becoming a physiotherapist.

job opportunities for physiotherapy

in the changing his conditions and lifestyle of the people the requirement of physiotherapist has increased and this requirement is not going to see in the coming time thereby creating ample of the opportunities for qualified and trained physiotherapist after completing the course and necessary internship from some shepherded Physiotherapy Institute you can find employment opportunities both in private as well as public sector.

you can find employment with rehabilitation centres

  • Sports Club
  • fitness centers
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • health care
  • physical fitness

this equipment manufacturing industry Government and private hospitals are physiotherapist with various specialisations exercise physiologist Health Service Manager Marketing Manager personal trainer and sports therapist.

if you are more into academic then you can go for masters degree in Physiotherapy followed by PhD in the related field and find employment in Physiotherapy colleges or universities as lecturer order instructor beside going for the research and development and if you have some sort of entrepreneur skills along with your professional skill then you can go for your own practice and open Physiotherapy Centre or can open your clinic and work with your own terms and conditions.

recruiters for physical therapists

now I would like to tell you about some of the recruiters that you can think of joining after your physiotherapist course the recruiting organizations the qualification and skills of the individual and then offer them the job they have.

if you have really good skills of your field when you can very well find employment in the big names like Apollo and Fortis Healthcare centres in private sector multispeciality hospitals like AIIMS FMC and PG in government sector spectrum Physio Centre sports club live Mohun Bagan and IPL franchise and National Cricket Team along with other sports associations besides getting employment in police Paramilitary and defence forces as a physiotherapist.

salary of physiotherapist

now talking about a new quesiton that question is what are the expected pay packages or salary for a physiotherapist.

physiotherapist is a very promising rewarding and satisfying profession as far is monetary remuneration are concerned there are no less than any other profession in the field of medicine however salary may vary greatly depending upon once qualification as well as the expertise in the field as a fresher in the private sector you can expect to get anything between rupees 3 lacs per Anam to rupees 5 lacs per annum.

where are the government sector it depends upon the prevailing pay scales in the state you are working in government sector you get lots of other perks like atare LTC with your basic pay then there is every chance of doubling a troubling your pay in the private sector with the display of your skills and making some name in the field.

so I can say that the carrier is rewarding not only in the government but also the private sector and if you want to go for your own private practice and open your own Physiotherapy center in your skills may help you relax and get paid on an hourly basis and mind you there are all monetary gains comes with a much greater sense of satisfaction that you get by healing people and getting them rid of the pain.

hopefully, the information given here will be helpful for candidates who are interested in becoming a physiotherapist if you still have any more questions you can let us know in the comments section will do our best to provide the right information to you shortly hope you like this article if it is really so please hit the share button for more quality content i will be back with some more articles till then remained well and safe good luck.

Thanks 🙂

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